keskiviikko 27. marraskuuta 2013

Apparently I fell in love with disposable cameras.

 Jeanette, who just happens to be a much appreciated soulmate. Best friends since the seventh grade.

Oh god, this place was amazing. An endless labyrinth of antique objects and retro clothing. In Villach.

"The mountain smoked beneath the moon" - J.R.R. Tolkien

Happy times in Villach

A moment of pure joy. Stupid jokes behind the camera made us laugh for sure. This picture was taken in Bled. Notice the little duckies.

We were heading to Villach, until we looked behind us. With screeching brakes we drove to the side of the road. We ran over the highway, next to fields full of cows just to capture this moment. Worth it!

Jeanette and I went on a roadtrip from Austria to Slovenia. This picture is taken next to the border while we were waiting in line. Hundreds of kilometers on the Autobahn followed this picture! When we returned from Ljubljana the day after we just didn't feel like returning home, so we decided to drive around the small centre of Villach. We made friends at a traffic light!

The view.

I. LOVE. ICECREAM. & The perspective in the pictures to the right is pretty cool.

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